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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wheat Atta Sheera/ Wheat Atta Halwa

Today is Sunday and Mahavir Jayanti (Birthday of 24th Tirthankar God as according to Jain religion). Remember told that Jain festival- Paryusan is going on.  On the eve of Mahavir Jayanti, sweet toh banta hai. So at home prepared Wheat Sheera- again one of my favourite sweet.

This sheera when served hot tastes delicious and easily goes down from your throat to tummy. J

What goes in it:
Wheat flour- 1 cup
Water- 2 ½ cup
Jaggery- 1 cup
Ghee- ½ cup
Raisins (kismis)- ¼ cup
Fennel seeds (Variyali)- ¼ cup

To make it look yummy:

Cashew nuts (Kaju), sliced- 2-3 pieces
Almond (Badam), sliced- 2-3 pieces

How did I make it:

Boil water and jaggery in a cooking pot.  Once jaggery is melted, keep it aside.

Take a cooking pot, put ghee and wheat flour in it. Roast the flour in ghee till it turns dark brown. Cook it by continuously stirring it.

[Foodies Note: Keep on stirring properly to avoid formation of lumps and to keep it soft.]

Initial step when you heat ghee and wheat flour

As you heat, wheat flour will turn dark brown

Once the wheat flour is roasted, add melted jaggery, fennel seeds and kismis to it. And stir it continuously for about 10-15 minutes as the mixture thickens up. Turn off the stove then.

Transfer the warm sheera in a bowl or plate and garnish with sliced badam and kajju.

Serve delicious sheera hot.

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