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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pani Puri

Paaani Puriii- Spicy chatpatti and absolutely yummyyy Indian chaat which has to be eaten in one go, placing entire puri in mouth. I guess no chaat can beat pani puri. Wat say???

My mouth starts watering as I hear Pani Puri. Roadside pani puri or Pani puri at home or in a restaurant like Kailash Parbat or Elcho market, Bandra. It will taste delicious with Mint and Tamarind Water and Hot Ragda. I bet you will continue eating it even if your eyes start watering.

Last Sarurday my sister’s friends came to our home for dinner and momie prepared pani puri for dinner. Puri with mint and tamarind water, sautéed sprouted moong, chopped boiled potatoes, boiled ragda with lillte turmeric and red chilli powder & chopped onions. Sounds yummy no and it indeed was...

We had fun, spice and gossip on the table with chatpatti pani puri...


Like Maggie stories I am sure we all have pani puri stories as well. Waiting to hear from you... J


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