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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dishes for Satam

Today is Shitala Satam, most of the Gujarati wives are accustomed to it.  Cold food is consumed on this day as in food which is cooked the previous day (on Randhan Chhath). On this day gas stove is not used as per the customs.

Since my childhood days we at home celebrate satam and Mom makes a variety of food dishes the previous day. She makes sweets and snacks like laddos, thepla, sweet debhra, paratha and such like which can be enjoyed eating on the satam day by family members.

This year also the same traditions were followed. Puja and making of food on Chhath. On Satam take blessings of Shitala mata and entire day take a break from cooking food.

Here's the food items we (mom and me) made this year on sattam:

1.       RavaLadoo
Rava Ladoo is a famous marathi recipe. Simple to make and absolutely delicious. 

2.       Dhebra
 The famous Gujarati snack which is sweet and made from jaggery boiled in water and wheat flour.

3.       Thepla
All time favourite recipe and quick to make made from wheat flour with turmeric powder, coriander, salt, sesame seeds.

4.       Bajra Rotla
A rotla (millet bread) made from bajra atta/ pearl millet cooked over a traditional black sand tawa. Fondly eaten with white butter or lasan ki chutney or brinjal's vegetable.

5.       Maunthar
A sweet made cooking besan (gram flour) in ghee

6.       Motiya Ladoo
Another sweet again cooked from besan (gram flour) but with different style. Its a ladoo.

Will post other recipes soon... :)
till that time you share what dishes you made for this satam...

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