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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Toast Sandwich- with Rajma & Salsa Sauce

My mom like every second Indian is a big fan of cricket. And today it was do or die situation for Indian crocket team for ICC 20-20 World Cup 2012. So she declared it was her holiday from cooking which meant Vruti prepare tonight’s dinner. J

I was thinking what to cook and when I remembered I had to pending recipe to try on my list- Refried Beans Quesadillas with Salsa Sauce. I came across this recipe when I was just browsing through net. I never really got time to try this out. Finally tonight I could try my hands on it.

Well I tried it out with bread because I never really cared to find out where exactly you get Tortillas here in Vapi. The taste was good like a different variety of toast sandwich (different than what I made earlier) which is rich in proteins. So this recipe is for those who are rajma (bean) fan...

Preparation time: 15 minutes (to cut vegetables)
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Makes: 12 big wedges

What goes in it to make stuffing:

Red kidney beans (Rajma), boiled- 500 gms  
Onion, sliced vertically- 1 medium sized
Garlic, finely chopped- 1 tbl spn
Cumin seeds (Jeera) - ½ tbl spn
Chilli flakes- 1 tbl spn 
Salt- as per your taste
Oil- 1 ½ tbl spn
Bread- 12 slices
Also you will need,

Cheese, grated- 3 cubes (I used Amul cheese cubes)
Coriander leaves, chopped- ½ cup
Pepper powder- ¼ cup
Butter- to apply on bread as per your wish

How did I make bean stuffing:

Wash and soak rajma in water overnight. Pressure cook rajma for about 10-12 whistles. As it is boiled drain off the water. Mash part of rajma with potato masher and keep it aside.

Well I forgot to mash rajma. And once they are cooled you cannot mash them so I just crushed half of rajma with hand blender.  I think that didnot make much of a difference to the taste.

Cut onions into small vertical slices.

Take a kadai and put oil in it. Heat it up. As oil heats, sauté cumin seeds and chopped garlic till they turn little brown. Add chiili flakes and sauté for about 1 more minute. 

Add rajma and salt to it. Mix them all well. Cook for 3-5 minutes by stirring generously.

Bean stuffing is ready.

What goes in to make Salsa Sauce:
Onion, finely chopped- 1 big sized
Tomato, finely chopped- 1 big sized
Capsicum, finely chopped- 1 big sized
Garlic, finely chopped- 1 tbl spn
Ajwain- ½ tbl spn
Sugar- 1 tbl spn
Red chilli ppwder- 1 tbl spn
Salt- as per your taste
Tomato ketchup- 2 tbl spn
Oil- 2 tbl spn

How did I make it:

Cut onion, capsicum and tomato into small square pieces.

Take a pan. Heat oil in it and prepare for tempering. Saute ajwain and garlic till it turns little brown. Add onion, tomato and capsicum and cook till onion turns golden brown. Put sugar, salt, red chilli powder and tomato ketchup. Keep stirring for about 5 minutes. Let it cool.

To make toast bread:

Take a bread slice. Apply butter on it.

Make a layer of bean stuffing. Spread it evenly.

Next spread salsa sauce evenly on it.

Top it off with grated cheese and coriander leaves.

Sprinkle a pinch of pepper.

Apply butter on another bread slice. Place it on the stuffing and press gently.

Toast it in a sandwich toaster until both the sides turn golden brown.

 Ready to be served with salsa sauce or green chutney.


  1. looks amazing!! mouth took off from cooking??her imp match yaa.. :p

  2. Ya she did tuk off.. bt alas, India lost!!! :(...


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