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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bournvita Milk with Vanilla Ice-Cream...

We all have always tried garam garam pokodas in monsoons but have you ever tried cold milk with bournvita when it rains??? i just did that so... :)

What goes in it:
3/4th cup cold milk
1 tbl spn bournvita
Sugar as per your taste
1/2 scoop vanilla ice cream

Milk & Bournvita
What makes it look yummy: 
Chocolate sprinkles
Chocolate sauce 

How did I make it:
Take a glass of cold milk and pour it in a jar. Add bournvita and sugar in it. Blend it properly with the help of blender.
Pour it in a glass then top it with the vanilla ice cream. For garnishing use chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

Ready to Drink...

And its ready in less than 5 min....

Do try this easy and fun bournvita milk and share your experience with me... 


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