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Friday, 22 June 2012

Rava Sabudana Wada...

Was just wondering which recipe do I share with you guys...

Then thought had made yummy Rava Sabudana Wada they before yesterday so why not start with that..

What makes Rava Sabudana Wada:
1 cup Sabudana Wada
1 cup Rava
1 cup Curd
3-4 finely chopped Chillies
2-3 finely chopped Garlic Cloves
1 piece finely chopped Ginger
Chopped Coriander
1/2 tbl spn Cumin Seeds
Salt to taste
Rava Sabudana Wada just out of the frying pan... 

How is it made:

First of all I soaked the sabudana in water since morning so you will have to plan for this recipe from morning... Keep in mind- Put exactly 1 cup of water to 1 cup of sabudana.
Also soak rava in curd 3-4 hours before the preparation.
Then put sabudana in soaked rava. Mix them well. Put cumin seeds, chopped coriander, finely chopped chilli, garlic and ginger and add salt as per you taste. Mix it all well to form a batter.

Take a frying pan to deep fry the wada. Use fingers to drop the batter in the oil to form frittersDeep fry till they turn golden brown on from both the sides. Remove them on to a absorbent paper.

Serve yummy hot rava sabudana wada. I had it with ketchup. You can have it with green chutney or mint chutney...


  1. n guys if you try this recipe at home do tell me how did you find it or for any suggestions...


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