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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Marie Biscuit Chocolate...

I have often heard about Marie Biscuits Chocolate but had never tried making it until yesterday. This was my first attempt to try something out of marie biscuit just for fun. And I realised that making Marie Biscuit Chocolate is easy and quick to make and extremely yummy to eat.  

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

What goes in it:
Marie Biscuit - 6 biscuits (I used Britannia Plain Marie Gold Biscuits)
Chocolate Slab- ½ piece of one horizontal bar (I used Morde dark compound)
Milk- 2 tbl spn
Cashew Powder, finely grinded- 3 tbl spn
Butter- ½ tbl spn

To make it look yummy:
Chocolate sprinklers- ½ cup

How did I make it:
First of all melt the chocolate slab. For this take a deep cooking pot with water in it. Let the water boil. Put the chocolate slab in a small cooking pot. And place that pot in the deep cooking pot.

Keep on stirring the slab and let the chocolate melt. Put some milk in it. Put finely grinded cashew powder. Stir it well.

After the chocolate slab melts completely and milk and cashew powder is mixed properly take it off the stove.

Meanwhile on a flat plate apply some butter generously to stack the biscuits on the plate. This will make the base firm.

Dip the marie biscuit in the melted chocolate and apply it properly on both the sides. Stack the biscuits one on another properly. Coat the marie biscuits log properly with melted chocolate.

Sprinkle some chocolate sprinklers on top off the log.

Marie Biscuit Chocolate after 2 hrs of refrigeration

Let it refrigerate for about 2 hours.

Take it out and slice it as you want... It is delicious. Seriously try this, its chocolaty yumm...

Thanks Momie for helping me with taking pictures...


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